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Cargo Tracking

Cargo tracking is an essential component of your distribution system, but also an integral part of your company’s value chain. CNS provides the back-to-back support, guidance and IT products necessary to improve your cargo tracking. From raw materials to finished products, you must engineer an effective strategy to ensure your items and equipment to be safe and secure. Through the use of our technology solutions we wireless connect to track the location and movement of cargo. The technology enables you to implement surveillance, no matter where you are — tracking is possible by air, sea and land.

Tracking of Goods and other Materials:

 Raw Material: You can use CNS's propritary solution to track raw materials transported in cargo. Irrespective of the industry, raw merchandise must be packed, loaded onto cargo and sent to distances as close as the city next door, or as far as a metropolis on another continent. Our technology on raw materials enables you to have visibility into the merchandise, ensuring its safety and preventing theft or decay.

 Work-in-Process Items: Work-in-process is a key part of a manufacturer’s value chain – and the value of WiP items can increase if the business has a long operational cycle. When WiP is stored or transported in cargo, personnel must be able to track it.

 Finished Products: Finished merchandise on cargo can go through many stages, from the warehouse to the yard to the truck or ship to the client’s destination. Throughout its journey, merchandise may be lost or compromised. CNS's propritary solution help you keep an eye on finished items, preventing loss and theft.

 Distribution: LCargo tracking does not stop when merchandise leaves the factory. CNS's propritary solution keep monitoring products as they go through various distribution channels before landing in stores’ warehouses.

 Retail: Tracking in the retail sector is an extension of cargo tracking, as logistics companies and manufacturers can collect data about finished products throughout their journey, and then perform variance analysis. They can compare actual versus expected results on various parameters, including resistance and impact of humidity.

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