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Conditional Monitoring

CNS helps a diverse base of companies to improve condition monitoring through a sophisticated combination of technologies and operational optimization. Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance techniques help companies ensure that critical equipment operates efficiently, improves productivity and lasts longer. Various personnel rely on condition monitoring to find out potential defects, pinpoint usability inefficiencies and predict depreciation trends.

Our years-long expertise can benefit your organization in the following domains:

 Power Generation: Power Generation: The energy sector has long business cycles in which investments are substantial and spread over several years, and the turnaround even longer. CNS's proprietary solution can be used in the following domains:

- Fleet-wide diagnostics
- Critical equipment
- Cross-sector value added

 Industrial manufacturing requires constant monitoring of heavy equipment and timely maintenance to prevent costly operational inefficiencies and idle time. CNS's proprietary solution can be useful in various scenarios, including:

- Process manufacturing
- Discrete manufacturing
- Cross-sector value added manufacturing
- Portable and distributed monitoring

Oil and Gas companies tend to spend heavily on infrastructure and machinery when oil prices increase, only to realize they have to maintain and repair machinery when prices are low, a consequence of the long business cycle in the sector. CNS's proprietary solution can be useful in several ways:

- Solutions for extraction, refining and pipelines
- Turbomachinery monitoring
- Monitor ans schedule inspection, repairs and maintenance of machines
- Envelop detection and order analysis

 Heavy Equipment: The supply chain and logistics of the global economy rely on heavy equipment, from trucks to multifunction machinery, and a company needs to monitor the equipment’s condition to increase productivity and fulfillment rates. Here are some areas our solution can be a powerful, cost-effective tool:

- Construction, mining and agriculture
- Industry operational constraints
- Ancillary equipment monitoring

 Transportation Condition monitoring of transportation equipment is a quintessential element in the nation’s logistical apparatus. It is important for industry players, from your local, small delivery company to a multinational logistics business.

 Wind Condition: CNS's proprietary solution can help monitor the condition of the equipment spread over a large geographical expanse, without the significant costs companies used to pay a few years ago.

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