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Container Tracking

CNS provides a comprehensive suite of services that help you track, secure and safeguard your containers across multiple platforms. Container tracking has become an important issue lately, not just for ship owners and logistics companies, but also for policymakers concerned of geopolitical risks associated with maritime transportation. Industry players track and monitor cargo with sophisticated tools, from GPS to onboard condition monitoring software. Our solution is a cost-effective and flexible piece in the tracking arsenal that professionals to keep merchandise, personnel and property safe. Our team of experts offers insight into our proprietray solution and its adaptability to your business.

Benefits of Container Tracking

Container tracking produces real business benefits, from loss prevention to improved productivity. Bottlenecks create inefficient processes, which in turn lead to delays and higher storage costs and depreciation expense. Tracking containers with our solution is easier and more flexible, as personnel do not have to monitor each aspect of the container. You can also figure all items present in the container in real time. Besides tracking the location and movement of a container, our software also enables you to see the history of all items inside – what is in there, how long has it been in there, where is it scheduled to be in, say, one or two days.

Multi-Industry Utilization

You can use our solution to monitor containers on any transportation – rail, sea or road. The technology is affordable, easy to use and flexible, three qualities that have enabled many companies, in different sectors, to adopt our solution in the last few years. The technology has also improved operational processes for logistics companies, reducing delays and accelerating work streams in everything from order receipt to delivery.

Step-by-Step Container Tracking

CNS works with your Operations Management team to implement technology that enables you to track containers throughout critical stages of your value chain and logistics work stream. We have devised a container-tracking policy for several clients, and helped them improve their value chain through diverse phases, including:

  1. Slot Booking
  2. Arrival at Gate
  3. Validation and Tagging
  4. Weight at Bridge & Location Assignment
  5. Unloading & Stacking
  6. Yardwide Movement
  7. Pick & Load
  8. Unloading

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