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Equipment Maintenance

CNS helps you maintain visibility in your capital assets, so you can maintain equipment properly, reduce obsolescence and increase productivity. Many organizations, large and small, own equipment they use to accomplish tasks, monitor operational performance, help personnel improve productivity, and hedge business and safety risks. Depending on the company’s size and operational processes, the equipment catalog can be large and difficult to monitor. Fixed assets are already expensive, but failure to repair and maintain them can cost the business an even larger amount and accelerate depreciation.

Our team implements a proprietary solution helping you reduce the cost of owning and maintaining all kinds of equipment. We can provide solutions and guidance covering:

  • Material handling equipment
  • Storage machinery
  • Aggregates material handling gear
  • Glass material handling equipment
  • Scrap material machinery
  • Portable material equipment
  • Bulk inventory-tracking gear
  • Vibratory material handling machinery

Benefits of our proprietary solution

  • Do not need visual inspection. Some experts recommend a visual inspection for some pieces of equipment, but the costs can be prohibitive if your company operates a sprawling and diverse inventory of the machinery.
  • Do not need to be physically present. CNS's solution enable you to track machinery and plan inspections wirelessly. Think of the time, energy and resources your personnel can save by remotely monitoring each piece of equipment, deciding what to fix, and evaluating its overall inspection score before sending staff to manually check the price.
  • Speed up the inspection process. Our solution helps you decide swiftly pieces of machinery to inspect, based not only on pre-determined inspection schedules, but also depending on factory or warehouse activity.
  • Give you visibility in corporate fixed assets. You can categorize machines the way you want, a process that can make operational processes very effective and help management make decisions faster. For example, our solution can help you create categories such as year of service, work stream and accumulated depreciation.
  • Repairs. Equipment repair can be expensive if you do not detect defects early. Malfunctioning equipment can translate into lost revenue, inefficiencies and lost productivity. Depending on your company and industry, idle time can amount to millions of dollars. With our solution, you can establish an effective surveillance map that tells you in advance which equipment needs repair.

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