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Equipment Yard Monitoring

CNS proposes a comprehensive, technological solution focused on yard management, providing software-enabled visibility into your organization’s value chain and logistical capability. Our team has the breadth and depth of knowledge necessary to secure your assets and safeguard personnel and raw materials. Yard management is an essential component of your overall production strategy, helping you track inventory and monitor personnel and equipment that goes in and out of your yard.

CNS deploys state-of-the-art solutions for your yard management strategy, including:

Automated Check-in/Checkout Have an eye on all equipment in your yard, and avoid losses coming from equipment missing or gear misappropriated. With RFID technology, you have visibility into all aspects of the yard, and you can automate check-in and checkout. Gone are the days when you would be concerned about the right machinery not being there during peak season or bulk delivery.

Yard Management. RFID technology enhances yard management, providing real-time visibility in yard property, from raw materials and work-in-process items to finished products and machinery. You can attach a tag to each item, and then track it remotely.

Equipment Tracing You can embed tags on equipment and track it automatically as it moves in and out of the yard. You can place readers at specific locations – for example, at key entry and exit points – so that you can track the movements of machinery, gear and personnel simultaneously. That way, you have visibility to materials entering and leaving the yard, you can authenticate them, and you can pinpoint their location in real time.

Real-time Inventory Tracking If you do not know how much inventory you have on hand, you can lose money – not only in delays, but also in order fulfillment, not to mention client dissatisfaction and damaged reputation. Tracking inventory in real time is essential to maintaining your production process efficiency and reducing idle time.

Optimized Asset Utilization . Tracking your asset utilization rates is important, because the metrics tell you how long you have used an asset, how often you have used it, and what is the accumulated depreciation on the asset, and how soon you need to repair or replace it.

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