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Fleet Management

CNS provides fleet management services to a wide range of organizations in multiple industries. We help you secure and safeguard assets and equipment that are critical to your operations. Our team delivers sophisticated guidance combining forensic technology, asset tracking and cloud optimization.

For a fleet manager, the security of vehicles and the safety of drivers are quintessential factors. In a global economy in which transportation means play a pivotal role, companies spend substantial sums to deliver goods as efficiently as possible. However, the journey from supplier to customer is not always simple; many operational elements can cripple the management of trucks and cars, from fuel waste to driver security, from DOT compliance to car Geo-location.

Fortunately, recent developments in GPS technology and Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID, have enabled companies to minimize or eliminate various operational risks, including theft, waste and regulatory noncompliance. This tool can benefit all types of organizations — from a small delivery business with, say, 10 cars, to an organization that owns multiple vehicles, such as ambulances, fire trucks and several-wheelers.

Our team of experts will deliver the location-enabled capabilities your business needs to thrive. We have received countless accolades from clients, helping them execute transformational projects and saving money throughout the value chain. We have established a robust reputation in several sectors for our ability to help organizations implement various projects.

CNS will provide the expertise and solution needed to boost productivity. Through our all-in value proposal, we provide guidance on:

  1. Knowing Where You Fleet Is Located
  2. Tracking Fuel Expense
  3. Preventing Unsafe Driving
  4. Hedging Risk of Theft
  5. Monitoring Fleet Maintenance
  6. Optimizing Fleet Performance
  7. Complying with DOT Regulations
  8. Reducing Fleet Insurance Cost
  9. Managing Fleet Anytime, Anywhere
  10. Managing Jobs and Work Streams

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