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Healthcare Increases Operational Visibility with Radio Frequency Identification

Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID, provides the technological sophistication that healthcare facilities need to monitor patients, track inventory, optimize internal processes and automate countless work streams. Here are four ways, among others, that RFID technology can boost your medical facility’s bottom line.

Inventory Control

Personnel can monitor drug, equipment and garment levels and costs remotely through RFID tags. In facilities as varied as hospitals, clinics and research labs, tags can cover thousands of units and an expansive geographical area.

Asset Location

Gone are the days when employees had to barnstorm several storage houses to locate assets. With RFID, a healthcare institution knows, in real time, where its assets are, a benefit that speeds up operational processes.

Patient Monitoring

In facilities such as nursing homes, rehab centers and large hospitals, RFID can help personnel monitor patients, knowing their location as well as important biological metrics (for example, whether the patient’s diaper is wet, without physically looking at it).

Downtime Tracking

With RFID, medical institutions can track and prevent idleness, a critical factor that often hampers operational processes. Through tags, management can find out when resources are not producing optimally owing to setup, maintenance, lack of scheduling, lack of tooling or lack of material.

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