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CNS provides a comprehensive portfolio of services that you can tailor to your business and support needs.

Maintenance & Support

CNS provides a complete, back-to-back Maintenance and Support value proposal that gives your organization efficiency, effectiveness and profitability. With an unparalleled service delivery and a team of experts with multi-sector acumen, we help you execute your IT vision flawlessly and effortlessly.

In recent years, many customers have relied on our 4-point Maintenance and Support value proposal:

1. Cost

We save your business up to 45% in operational costs, ranging from software delivery and system adaptability to platform execution and staff ergonomics (user-friendliness). We will minimize your maintenance and support costs by carefully analyzing your internal processes, identifying existing software capabilities, prioritizing maintenance schedules and training staff members to mitigate IT risks. We have better technical coverage and support, a capability we have developed over years of serving industry leaders.

2. Flexibility

We can tailor our flexible maintenance solutions to conform to your budget. We constantly have our clients’ operational budgets in mind, and we endeavor to help you curb internal expenses without compromising on productivity, service quality and profitability. Let us show you why countless clients have entrusted their IT Maintenance and Support to CNS over the last five years.

3. Multi Platform Services

CNS covers your IT platforms front to back, delivering a seamless value proposal that takes into account not only key aspects of your operations, but also essential processes of your most important business partners — customers, suppliers, service providers and government agencies. We give you a single point of contact for your IT environment, providing continuous capability over 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. You no longer need multi-vendor finger-pointing calls. With CNS, you have one contact that covers your networking, storage and servers.

4. Satisfaction Guarantee

CNS endeavors to implement high standards of service, a commitment embedded in our vision and operational strategies. Each client has a dedicated staff representative, and we ensure the team meets your needs — anywhere, anytime. We offer a money-back guarantee if we fail to meet our strict service standards.

Your organization has spent time and money putting together a sustainable solution that allows you to perform with more efficiency. Your business would not to cope with downtime and idleness, two operational inefficiencies that could result in daily losses of millions of dollars.

Maintenance and Support Services Include

Adaptive Maintenance

CNS professionals ensure your system is running in a stable environment after the modification of your software or hardware.

Corrective Maintenance

CNS experts resolve any errors in your software solution that may be discovered after delivery or final sign-offs.

Adaptive Maintenance

CNS service professionals will assist your organization in enhancing your software performance and maintainability.

Preventive Maintenance:

CNS professionals work with your organization to future-proof your system by actively detecting and correcting faults in the software.

As the role of technology in business changes from business enabler to business transformer, the range and complexity of systems and the dependence on them will only increase. Today’s IT organizations must address the need for stability, performance and functionality across an ever-increasing range of legacy, hosted and proprietary systems. Whether you need to host your solution, update existing applications or troubleshoot them, CNS offers the best-in-class maintenance and support services. Our Maintenance and Support services provide several benefits, including:

Customizable service options

Easier access to support needed

Single point of contact for all IT needs

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CNS Maintenance and Support Services have a long and reliable history with customers and end-users. Our software support professionals have deep expertise in emergency software production support, ongoing application maintenance, and customer support. With CNS Maintenance and Support Services, you save time and money on your software maintenance and can rely on your application’s quality and availability.

To better understand our Maintenance & Support Services and be on the next wave of excellence in innovation, simply fill out the form and one of our qualified staff members will contact you.

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