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Mobile Solutions Services

CNS has more than a decade of experience developing and implementing mobile applications that have revolutionized multiple industries, positioning clients ahead of their peers in industries as varied as Finance & Banking, Telecommunications, Retail and Learning & Media. Our expertise has drawn accolades from clients and industry observers — and we continually research the latest trends to make sure our clients get the best and most affordable mobile app development services available in the market.

Our mobile application developers are well versed in various platforms, from Android, iOS, Blackberry to Windows.

We boast the largest network of mobile application developers engaging on cross-platform research. We not only study current market developments, but we also provide benchmarking guidance of future trends. We provide services that can transform your business and mobile engagement strategy, including

  • App development for Web
  • Third-party API integration
  • Social media integration
  • E-commerce application development
  • Property security tracking app
  • Navigation-based travel app

Our engineers and developers continually seek elements and codes that can boost your business, sales, engagement strategy and profitability.

Our Unique Value Proposition

Our team works efficiently to develop and deliver your mobile application on time. We can work with your in-house developers to accelerate the process — and integrate existing mobile apps — or coordinate the project from start to finish. In either scenario, CNS brings you several years of experience and unparalleled technological sophistication. We monitor the project timetable and outcome, ensuring proper development and prompt delivery.

Enterprise-Level Mobile App Development

Our development team continually innovates to bring you a product suite that is compatible with your evolving needs. Contact us with your bespoke requirements, and we can design and develop mobile software corresponding to your sector.

CNS brings you a unique value proposal to execute your project effectively and efficiently — from a top-level strategic view all the way through design, development and launch. This broad-spectrum, high-level approach to mobile app development helps you benefit from our expertise and position yourself ahead of your peers. For the last five years, our mobile application development team has designed mobile apps and web apps for a wide variety of mobile platforms, including:

Android App Development

Google's Android operation system for mobile has been a successful Smartphone that is gaining continuous share in the market and already has a large community of users and applications. At CNS we are proud to offer development services for the Android platform, for our clients who choose Google's Android as their mobile platform of choice.

Iphone & Ipad App Development

Apple's iPhone and iPad have been exceptionally successful in the marketplace due to the amazing user experience and touch feel that they bring to the users. At CNS we have the knowledge and experience of developing iPhone and iPad applications using both native as well as cross platform development technologies.

Windows Development

Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system is referred to as a very promising alternative to iPhone and Android. With extensive .NET development experience and proven business applications based on this platform we offer top class Windows Phone development services to our clients.

Blackberry Development

The undisputed favorite phone of the business executives today is the Blackberry phone. Known traditionally to sport all kinds of business related applications onboard, offered a lot of functionality. Ever since the dawn of the Blackberry Software Development Kit, businesses have started developing custom applications for blackberries.

Our Process is Simple






CNS Mobile Solution Services have a long and reliable history with customers and end-users. To better understand our Mobile Solution Services and be on the next wave of excellence in innovation, simply fill out the form and one of our qualified staff members will contact you.

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