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How Organizations are Achieving Operational Visibility Throughout Their Supply Chain

In the last decade, many logistics managers around the world have demonstrated their commitment to technologies and processes that can save costs, improve customer service and increase customer fulfillment rates. There is still a difficult path ahead in terms of channel management and multi-platform logistical efficiency – but newer techniques, software and approaches are emerging, which can ease in- and out-channel costs and augment delivery rates. RFID, shortcut for Radio Frequency Identification, should be an important arrow in the operational quiver of logistics and supply-chain managers around the world. Challenges abound in the supply chain industry, whether they relate to a local transportation company or a global logistics conglomerate. These operational hurdles range from cost reduction to order fulfillment, from regulatory compliance to risk management, from talent management to cost-effectiveness. RFID software, given its scalability and efficiency, can help address logistics problems and create an operational framework in which both delivery companies and end-users can have higher visibility and assurance.

Current Challenges in the Supply Chain Process

The supply chain industry has undergone diverse changes lately, generating a bevy of risks and uncertainties in the way assets are routed from one point to another, and often creating “visibility” issues when logistics cannot properly identify, trace and tag packages. Supply Chain Management World recently polled 750 senior logistics officers, and found that most companies faced five critical problems:

  1. Cost Reduction with Stellar Customer Service
  2. Omnichannel Sales Management and Customer Fulfillment
  3. Pressure From the Top
  4. Safety and Quality Incidents
  5. Attracting and Retaining Talent

How Can RFID Help Mitigate Supply Chain Problems

RFID systems embed the affordability, scalability and technological sophistication necessary to address the current challenges of the supply chain industry. The systems can help prevent, mitigate, monitor or solve logistical issues in several industries.

To learn more about how your supply chain process can benefit from RFID download our whitepaper below.

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