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Personal Monitoring

At CNS, we know the importance of personnel safety — and the preeminence you give to your staff, whose individual genius and collective expertise constitute your number one asset. We provide guidance on technology that safeguards your most valuable asset: your people. Our solution ensures that you implement the proper software and safety policy to reach zero risk of occupational mishaps. Technology is one area in which many stakeholders see hope when it comes to preventing, reducing or eliminating risks of workplace injury and death. The industry has seen the emergence of many tools so far, including RFID and Web-based tracking tools.

Why Personnel Safety Is Important? When a company fails to hedge risks and preserve the safety of its employees, the cost to the business (and to society in general) can be substantial. 5 reasons why Personnel Safety matters:

  1. Your staff members constitute your most important asset;
  2. Occupational accidents produce social and economic costs;
  3. Attrition rates tend to increase in the absence of robust safety policies;
  4. Lawsuits and legal fees might increase if an organization faces class-action lawsuits in the wake of safety-related incidents.
  5. A business can lose public trust if it mismanages safety risks and ends up receiving negative press.
What RFID Does for Personnel Safety?

Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID, uses electromagnetic fields wirelessly to transfer data and automatically identify and track tags attached to objects. In simpler terms, the technology tracks equipment (but also personnel), counts inventory, monitors item properties and identifies potential problems wirelessly. Think of RFID as barcode technology, but improved.

How RFID Can Save Lives – Time and Resources

RFID and ancillary technology can help companies save lives. In an era in which technology is becoming affordable and authorities are ascribing more weight to personnel-safety issues, organizations can utilize RFID-enabled equipment in various processes.

RFID Tags can help track the movement, location and health of personnel working in confined places and hazardous conditions, such as mines, offshore oilrigs, heavy-duty fishing platforms and industrial infrastructures in the energy sector. RFID software can also track workers in life-threatening emergencies, monitoring their health and helping bring them back to safety. Think about cases in which mining personnel get trapped in unidentifiable locations, or shipboard employees risk drowning amid severe storms.

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