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Software Prototyping Services

Software system prototyping is the process of taking an idea and turning it into initial design concept for validation.

CNS creates interactive prototypes of Enterprise, Web and Mobile applications. We write code that enables your business to be agile, adaptive and profitable — introducing software that boosts user engagement while meeting your operational requirements. Our team works with your in-house staff to develop specs that fit your organization along with existing programs along your value chain. Our approach to software prototyping is unique in that we give you visibility throughout the process, from ideation and spec evaluation to testing and evaluation.

Robust Prototyping Tools

We use powerful software prototyping tools to bring your ideas to life and boost your internal processes. Our team implements a high-fidelity platform allowing you to upload the project’s specs, so that we can transform your static screens into interactive, clickable prototypes.

Unlimited User Testing

Our team wants to design a prototype that fulfills the needs of your team but also, and most importantly, the requirements of end users. We therefore provide free, unlimited testing capabilities during the design process, so you can evaluate all functionalities of the product before we finalize it.

Efficient Project Management

We manage your prototyping project, providing status updates from a single location. We assign a CNS expert to your project, so you have full visibility into all aspects of the prototyping process.

Seamless Communication

At CNS, we have expertise in leading light and complex projects. We ensure a seamless design communication, reaching out to you only when needed. We accelerate the prototyping process by having all stakeholders — team members, end users, clients, etc. — provide feedback directly on the design. We save you operating costs by streamlining the feedback loop, so you see all comments for all projects on one convenient platform.

Powerful Ideation Process

CNS provides back-to*back support, from ideation to execution. We know how important it is to establish a sound specs framework and how to align it with your existing operational processes. Our experts are available to assist you during the ideation process, sharing with you tips and insights we have gleaned through countless projects over the last five years.

Reason of Prototyping


Simulate Business Processes

Use interactive wireframe or mockup to verify that workows run smoothly and are user-friendly before investing into the development.


Reduce Development and Project

Visualize and test your concepts to avoid requirement misunderstandings or communication barriers before they turn into unexpected losses.


Control Investment

Mockups and wireframes enable businesses to protect software development investments by setting accurate goals and realistic deliverable schedules.

The Prototype Process


Define Specification

CNS experts will work with your team to define critical functionalities of your system — or use your high-level requirements to build the prototype.


Build Visual and Static Mockups

We will construct visual and static mockups that incorporate all the visual elements expected in the final product. (Unlike wireframes, mockups cover the visual aspects of the user experience. However, we can also create mockup wireframes, if needed.)


Build Interactive Wireframes

CNS professionals build clickable wireframes enabling the visualization, testing and trial of ideas and concepts. Our wireframes are fully navigable and mimic all aspects of user experience and the application’s functionality grid.


Build User-Tested Wireframes

We show the application’s features to end-users for verification and evaluation.

CNS Software Prototyping Services have a long and reliable history with customers and end-users. To better understand our Software Prototyping Services and be on the next wave of excellence in innovation, simply fill out the form and one of our qualified staff members will contact you.

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