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Imagine a world where, no matter where you are, you know exactly where your inventory, equipment and personnel are. Imagine a world where, in real time, you can figure out important parameters on your operational processes – say, how production equipment is performing, or whether personnel are safe on the workplace whenever they handle hazardous material.

Imagine a world where… Well, no need to “imagine” such a world. It exists already – welcome to RAIN RFID, a technology that utilizes the power of radio frequency to connect billions of items to the Internet. RAIN RFID helps you track, locate, authenticate and engage each item, enabling you to connect with suppliers, customers and employees within your operational work streams.

RAIN RFID is derived from the term radio frequency identification – RAdio frequency IdentificatioN (RAIN) and Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID). It works like wireless technology, using ultra-high frequency radio frequency identification to link items through servers and databases hosted in the ‘cloud’. RFID requires active or passive tags – active RFID utilizes batteries, and passive tags are powered by radio waves coming from antennas and readers. RAIN RFID requires passive tags, which are cheaper and do not necessitate the constant replacement of batteries. With RAIN RFID, personnel can quickly locate and identify items, and can do so over several items simultaneously.


Identify, locate, authenticate and engage one or several items simultaneously, enabling you to have visibility in your inventory and processing client orders and factory work shifts effectively and efficiently.
Authenticate an item through your value chain, enabling you to see in one place the history and origin of an item.
Use all types of tools to engage the item, including sensors, making your overall value chain streamlined and increasing productivity
Use tags and readers to create, gather and utilize the item’s data, a process that saves you money because data collected can be stored on the cloud or a server.

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